A Short List of Likes for Late January

Cottage Loaf

Cottage Loaf (Photo credit: mer de glace)

Virginia Woolf: Cottage Loaf.

This is a link to a blog that couples writers and food.  I was so happy to see this recipe from Virginia Woolf.  The writer says this about herself on her About page:

Part historical discussion, part food and recipe blog, part literary fangirl-ing, Paper and Salt attempts to recreate and reinterpret the dishes that iconic authors discuss in their letters, diaries, essays, and fiction.

Nicole is a voracious consumer of both food and literature. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she currently cooks in a very small kitchen in New York City, and currently reads almost everywhere.

I say rush on over and check out her work!

More things I am happy about:

Abi Maxwell’s debut novel, Lake People.  It is incandescent in its plain-spoken lyricism.  So much paradox in that description, I know, but read the book!

I recently discovered the meaning of “paradigm.” A student in a class used it, and I had to go look it up.

Little flurries of snow falling now.

How Joyce describes his potatoes as “floury”

Scandinavian crime drama, in Danish.  It was brought on by my interest in MI-5.  Then The Eagle.  Now, The Protectors. Let my subdue my guilt by pointing out The New Yorker had a recent article  by Lauren Collins in the January 7 issue under “Letter from Copenhagen”on the same.

The quietness of this morning.

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