Snowflakes! (Photo credit: nutmeg66)

The first snow fell yesterday.  Lasted a minute.  Later or before, pouring rain.  I’m nursing toothache, earache, headache.  I’ve been to the doctor, the dentist, and Cub Med, I mean, WebMD.  The dentist says it is a jaw shift, caused by clenching the jaw in sleep.  Who knew?  All I’ve known is every morning for a year, I’ve woken up with a stuffed nose.  I blamed it on allergy, on sea level after altitude.  I’m good with heights, but get queasy on boats.  Except ferries.  Ferries I love.  Notice, this blog is just writing itself.

So, I’m in some pain, and I’m refusing engagements, and it hasn’t snowed, and the writing is hard, but life is still pretty good.  I went to the coffee store.  I spoke with my parents.  I petted a beautiful young lab.  I got a humidifier. And that moment of snow fall, that was joyful.

6 thoughts on “ a pause for snowflakes ”

  1. My spiritual guides say pray, and tell the demons to “get out of here, I’ve work to do, life to live!” 🙂

    Love how you still see the beauty all around, lesson I’m learning.


  2. Ouch! Triple A. And yet you can still write and be droll (as a reviewer once wrote of you). Feel better dear friend.


  3. I love the stream of consciousness style of your blog – it’s writing itself! I am sorry about your earache, toothache, headache, but support your journey to sort it out. A humidifier sounds like a good start. I call the hospital Club Med – hahaha! Glad it’s just WebMD for you. I hope you get more snow – that is, if you like it. I’ve had grinding of teeth – usually stress-related. Have more fun! Walk more. Eat chocolate – okay, just a little. Be well. Your blog writing always inspires me to be freer with my own – thanks, Indira! -Dana


    1. Hi Dana,

      Thanks for your comments and great advice! I am thinking of making Nigel Slater’s beet chocolate cake as a way of getting some veggies! It’s funny how just being honest about the day promotes so much blog response. Hope you are well &able!


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