Sticky bun, teapot, vegetables and plant

2012, Indira Ganesan, Sticky bun, teapot, and vegetables

In the interest of improving my blog, I am taking an on-line class called “Blog Triage” with Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield.  In the first lesson, I am asked to describe my ideal blog reader, as a way of defining perhaps what is central to this blog.

My ideal reader I think would be interested in reading my fiction.  This reader does not have to read the fiction, but I hope to stir some interest about what else I might write.  Unlike, say,  101 Cookbooks  or The Gardener’s Eden, two of my favorite blogs, this blog is not necessarily practical, but I hope for a reader in search of a touch of inspiration and curiosity about the daily life of a person who writes.

In a way, it is like fiction, hopefully entertaining reading that might contain recognizable truths for a reader, which might of course be quite different from the writer’s truth.  What I seek in a reader is someone who is interested in words, literature, in the hedonistic pleasures of botany, food, caffeine, music, yoga–the arts. A blog is an open letter not only to my friends and family, but to a wider audience; this blog is a series of essays and observations, pensees, a place to practice, to attempt.

Writers like to be read, they care about their words, hope their work is of value.  Thank you for following me on this journey, and I hope you will stay tuned for more.

~What do you like to read about? What would you like to write about? And are you ready for The Transit of Venus in June?~

2 thoughts on “Reader,

  1. Mari Nathanson

    I’m ready for it if it’s ready for me..I loved “Inheritance” and have read it about 5 times..It brings me right to a tropical island in the Indian Ocean



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