Oh, April, you came back with Showers!

Sweet Peas, after the rain. A bright showery m...

Sweet Peas, after the rain. A bright showery morning in Bromsash. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today it rained.  After a week or two of sunny balmy San Diego weather, April gathered its grey overcast coat and sent down fog, mist, drizzle, and a scattering of showers that seemed to proclaim, yes, it is still spring, not summer.  The oddities of the seasonal changes rested, at least for a day, and here on my end of the Cape, the sky is grey, the wind is a quiet roar, and the railings are dripping with cold droplets.  In the month of summer, I listened to various advice and did not plant, even though I knew sweet peas ought to in before St. Patrick’s Day.  Wait until Memorial Day.  It reached sixty-five.  It reached seventy.  Finally I put Explorer and Watermelon sweet pea seeds in the ground on Friday. I got plants over the weekend and put them out: cilantro; lavender, both provence and hidcote; lemon thyme; plus a ranunculus named Bloomingdale’s.  I kept the basil inside,as I was advised.  Good thing, as  you know, it rained, April returned.

The Waste Land Part I – The Burial of the Dead by T. S. Eliot – Poetry Archive.

Duende by Tracy K. Smith : The Poetry Foundation.

P.S.  Today is Earth Day.  Tomorrow is Shakespeare’s.

Sonnet XVIII: Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day? by William Shakespeare : The Poetry Foundation.

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