needing chocolate

chocolate stack by jules

chocolate by jules from chocolate-2 23 august 2009,14:45

Can one’s body need chocolate?  Like the way one can thirst for water, or instinctively know it’s time for some greens.  The body, being smart, can figure out what it needs, and while one may hanker for cookies, it’s not the body that wants the muffin.  It’s the eyes, the mind, maybe the tongue.  But there I was, breaking off pieces of 72% cocoa dark chocolate, and my body demanded more.  Was it detecting some antioxidant lack, some iron deficiency that only this baking chocolate could satisfy.

It wasn’t eating chocolate, but baking chocolate, but it wasn’t the baker’s squares, the unsweetened serious variety used to make brownies back in the day.  They were the ignots that fooled, that made us believe in its sweetness until we tasted it.  But today I –that is, my body–craved Green & Black’s and it was not satisfied with one piece.

It was bought and used for brownies, but there were two bars.  The extra bar was for future brownies, only they were partly broken into banana bread.  Had the entire bar been used, maybe the bread would have turned out better, because as it turned out, two medium bananas are not a substitute for three.

This week, there is heavy cream in the fridge, meant to make scones that never got made.  It was delicious in the coffee.  I wondered though, since I’m so used to shaking the soy creamer, if it would eventually turn to butter, because I absent-mindedly shake it too.  There is creme fraiche, too, but I’m not sure why it’s in the fridge, but it has slowly disappeared, a spoon in this, a spoon in that.


1 thought on “needing chocolate

  1. Yan Jing's family

    Hmmmm. Enjoying your post with my morning black coffee. Instead of cream and sugar, I have it with a little chocolate egg. It’s creamy texture lingers as does the memory my recent visitor from Switzerland who brought ample supply.

    “…diuretic…stimulant…counter artery-clogging plaque…lower blood pressure…In moderation chocolate reduces Vata.” from Revecca Wood’s New Whole Foods Encyclopedia.



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