It is a windy sounds like the ocean surf but it’s the wind day. Disney and not A.A.Milne called this kind of day “blustery.” It’s a good word, perfect because if you were a bear in the Hundred Acre Wood,you might make a weary blustery kind of sound to express your view of such a day. Milne called it a word you have to look up in the books because my auto-speller keeps steering me away from it. Winday! Hurrah , it learned! Sometimes I do think there’s a person Inside the computer chortling along. I wait for a replacement laptop cord. As a friend said wisely, I am missing my entertainment. That is a good word for the Internet connection.

3 thoughts on “5:21thursday

  1. Yan Jing's family

    Indira, you connect so much in a tiny paragraph….I will carry the thoughts out into this predawn blustery morning, under grey skies and senssurround spring birdsongs. Words will wind-dance with spring and winter as I fill my wheel barrow with mulch and wonder why I never read about P. Bear.


  2. Ch and Soleil Cole-Olson

    In the Bahamas…..when the wind is above 25mph/kts….they say ” the sheep are grazing”…..and if you looked out toward wellfleet from anywhere HIGH in Ptown today……sure enough there were FLOCKS and flocks of ’em…..

    I know….I saw them as I drove home from Thursday First light…..and you DO know that the wind…or at least the Hand of the almighty blew down our WOMR antenna….and it lies flat on top of the water tank at Mt. Gilboa.!!!…hence our waaaaay reduced power……ahhhhh….such is the world of windy….blustery…..land/sea/living/listening…..;-D…



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