the window gift

One thing I will miss very much when I move is my kitchen window.  Shaped like a rectangle, having a latch that lets me open it out like a porthole, it’s a source of pleasure. At night, I let down and shut the venetian blinds.  In the morning, no matter what season, I feel a touch of excitement at what the day might be like.  Because of where I live, snow would not be out of place in warm weather.

There is one thin tree, almost Japanese in its artistry, with a tiny temple bell hung on its branch.  The wooden fence is a beautiful mixture of tans and browns, and the space feels like a private oasis.  That’s why when I pull up the blinds, it’s as if I’m receiving a gift.

window with wine & crackers by Katie Heath


  1. yan jing's family says:

    Ah, lovely window, Indira. And, your next will be beautiful in a different way. Because you know how to see!!!


  2. katherine heath says:

    my first published photo ; ) i miss that window, i miss you.


    1. I didn’t give you credit, except when the cursor hovers over it–may i? I miss you. Thought you might be swamped.


      1. may i publish more?


  3. katherine heath says:

    you may, you may. but only the beautiful ones. . . : )


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