and without coffee

Yesterday I had a perfect day.  It is May, and clouds are gathering now to tease with rain that most likely won’t fall.  Yet I did water the garden…

In my quiet nook of the woods, waking refreshed after a few days struggle with flu, I had my first day of no-work at my disposal.  The best part was that I did not realize this until mid-day.  No need to correct anything, grade anything, get there on time for anything.  No need to plan out next year’s syllabus, again and again and again.

I planted four small dianthus, two petunias, and the beautiful white trailing flower whose name I’ve forgotten.  I knocked small holes out of the bottom of two old clay amphoras to create planters for more petunias.  The breeze has been delightful, softening the 80 degree weather.  Oh, that is a nice typeset back there, the way the zero is slightly smaller than the eight.

I thought to finally unleash the patio umbrella which weathered the winter, but did not get far.  Several angry bees came storming out, so I abandoned that project. Are they actually nesting there?  No matter.  I retreated back in, took a long walk later, debated over a this or that problem.

Decided nothing.

This morning I made the decision.

A perfect day.

pink poppy by dan/

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