Winter Sunrise

sunrise in winter windermere/


5 thoughts on “Winter Sunrise”

  1. Beautiful Winter. The sun seems calm these days; she rises barely above the treetops before making her way back down. I’ve been thinking about you and your next journey. Winter will give you time to rest and renew before the sun is high in the sky again. Love and warmth from Yan Jing’s family.


      1. Little Animals? A new stray cat resides in our cottage barn. I leave him/her a little bowl of something each morning and night. The squirrels here don’t like our pumpkins as yours do, so I throw them some old chestnuts. The birds are in the cedars and come down for their daily feedigs of safflower, Niger seed and walnut tidbits. The mice are around as are some bunnies. Those are the little animals I’ve seen so far this winter. Meanwhile, the Temple Dog angles fly over the meadow to insure balance and peace. We love you.


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