Hommage to Sei Shonagon, or Hindus wear Bhindis and Hindi is a language

People who always says hello and start to run.  I say hello back & go my way.  If I turn back again, I see they are no longer in a rush to get somewhere.  Very annoying! Like when you meet someone accidently on your way to somewhere else, they make a point of saying loudly, “I can’t stop to talk right now.”  Did I indicate by my hello I wanted to talk? How annoying! I get a phone call, only to be told that the speaker only has a minute to say hello before going elsewhere.  Annoying! I go to the Genius Counter at Apple and am told that I only get 15 minutes, five of which are taken up by the genius telling me why it would be better if I called the on-line help next time. Truly annoying!  I read an article about visiting India, and once again, I am not amused. Annoying!  I’m told brightly I have no accent.  No comment.  People who turn to check the veracity of people who pretend to be rushing while saying hello.  Annoying!

4 thoughts on “Hommage to Sei Shonagon, or Hindus wear Bhindis and Hindi is a language

  1. Yan Jing's Family

    gottaget somewhere. gottaget somewhere. gottaget somewhere. gottaget somewhere. gottaget somewhere. gottaget someshere.

    Phone rings and caller says, “i’m just out- the-door. ” I pity their foot always just out-the-door. Now callers often have both feet out-the-door thanks to cellphones.

    Thanks for never saying, “You don’t have a New Joisey accent.”

    Thanks to Saroja Auntie, I know Hindi is a language and Tamal, too. And, I can say, though cannot spell, “Soppida vonga”. Because I’m hungary, I wish auntie were calling me now to have idlis and sambar. I will pretend she is calling and I will linger at her table with my shoes by the front door and barefeet content to be still. And, my body nourished and my spirit lifted by the music of Auntie’s sunny voice and laughter.

    Thanks to Indira, I now know who Sei Shonagon was. Thanks to Indira, who, so many years ago, gently laughed and asked me, “Have you seen Clueless?” upon informing me that Bhagavad Gita was not some “guy”.


    1. indiraganesan Post author

      Diane, you gotta write! This is inspired! Wish my mom could read it. Working on garden & novel. Novel is 170 pages so far–whee!! I must wait until mid-May for both.


      1. Yan Jing's Family

        No, dearest friend. You gotta write. Not me.

        You inspire some sort-of verbal activity in me; words that would not have come to me if not for you.

        I gotta paint. I gotta walk the dogs.

        Take my words and run somewhere with them. They’re useless in my hands.

        gotta get somewhere… gotta get somewhere.

        nah, just gotta walk the dogs and stare at the spring leaves emerging.



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