Every time I Look Up

Every time I look up, it’s either snowing or not.  I look up a great deal, so this is weather at its whimsical best.  I put on layers & cleaned off the car.  I don’t need to drive anywhere, but I thought it will be easier to clean when I do have to drive.  The New York Times on-line, with its videos & photo essays, occupied me for much of the morning.  I found out the New York fashionistas are Olympic watchers, which makes sense, because the Olympics are also about style and grace under pressure.

I’ve been reading Lynne Sharon Schwartz’ The Fatigue Artist.  It’s quiet yet acutely rebellious as well.  One of the nicest relationships is between the narrator and her step-daughter.  Hollywood should do a movie of Balancing Act, Lynne’s hilarious novel.  Nora Ephron could direct.

1 thought on “Every time I Look Up

  1. Yan Jing's Family

    Reaching to clean snow off the roof of the car has always presented a problem until this winter. I looked at my car and thought, “Snow Angels”. I made six in the snow banks alongside of our quiet road. Then, I scrambled onto the car roof, ignoring the sheet metal bending under my body weight, and made one more angel. I lingered on my back on the roof. There was a wonderful view of sky and snowflakes falling on my face. Then, weeeeeeee, with one slide down, the car was clean!

    Now the waxing sun shines on the car roof and midday it becomes warm lounge chair on which I will rest, look at the sky, and read Lynne Sharon Schwartz.

    Thanks for the suggestions.



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