Today someone put one of those home-flyers on my doorknob.  When I first saw it, I thought–I kid you not–oh, someone left me cookies. Instead of chocolate chip or peanut butter, I got news about local business, much of it having to do with roof repair and carpet cleaning.  I don’t know why I expected cookies, but it was like the old MacDowell Colony habit of receiving a picnic basket with lunch inside.  Often, there was a cookie.  I began to imagine a friend who would drop off cookies just for no reason.  A terrific business named,say, Cookies on Wheels.  I guess the cold has me wishing for a care basket.  The cat that visits is completely curled up, dreaming of salmon, perhaps.

1 thought on “cookies

  1. Yan Jing's Family

    Hello Indira,

    What a lovely thought! Leaving baskets of nourishment at each other’s front door could lead to world peace!

    We’ve been trying to figure out how to send you butterscotch pudding. It’s our favorite winter dessert.

    It wasn’t always our favorite dessert. There were skeptics. Protests came from the chocolate pudding camp. Others proudly proclaimed that they don’t take dessert.

    One cold evening as the skeptics sat around a small table by the fire, we brought out a tray of golden butterscotch pudding, placed the little glass dishes with grandma’s spoons in front of each guest, waited, and watched. After the first spoonfuls, the room grew silent except for the crackling of the fire. How can we describe the faces so focused on their puddings? Eyes slightly widened. Facial muscles relaxed. Spoons clicked. It was butterscotch seduction.

    The next evening everyone asked if there was more of that pudding left!

    We think we know a way to send it to you.

    Happy waxing eyelash tigermoon!

    love, Your Temple Dog Faeries



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