Already February.  The Kripalu website says February can often seem like the longest month.  Perhaps that’s true, with the dark, but I always think it goes very quickly.  It’s one of my favorite months actually; sometimes there’s a false spring. It’s a good month to burrow and be quiet with yourself.  I’m reading To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf for a class I teach.  I’m struck again by her prose, her elegance.  I discovered a website (woolfonline.com) that offers reproductions of her handwritten drafts, as well as an outline.  I’m so taken that she outlined.  It gives all us writers courage I think.  Reading Woolf makes my own work progress.  The only other writer who has that effect on me is Carole Maso.  The Two Muses.  Alongside Woolf, I’m reading the delicious The Hours by Michael Cunningham.  It’s taken me this long.  I started it when it came out, then just put it away until yesterday.  Of course he makes me think, why didn’t I think of that for a structure?!  Well, I didn’t.

On another note, I finally found out who Lady Gaga is. On You Tube, there’s a video of her singing with Elton John.  The end of their duet is very sweet as they both pay homage to one another, especially she.  When she performed by herself, I kept waiting for Madonna to walk out of the wings and join her.  I know so little about current music. I think I entered a dark hole in the mid-1990’s.

Happy birthday to Subashree!

image from freeimages.uk

1 thought on “february

  1. Subashree

    Hey Indu,

    Thanks for your wishes, I had a lovely birthday. We had a lovely snow this morning, followed by the false spring, so we got the best of both worlds in one day today!




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