As Sweet as Honey

As Sweet As Honey




The imaginary Indian coastal

island of Pi … works beautifully

as the setting for this East Asian

homage to To the Lighthouse,

both the nostalgic recreation of a

lost perfect moment and an

exploration into Woolf’s

“thousand shapes” of love…The

novel is masterful at exploring

the difficulty of cultural identity

and integration. There’s also a

bit of magical realism in the shape of a ghost. But

ultimately, this is a novel

about the many

permutations of both love

and family… the characters’

genuine charm and the

girlish, witty energy of the

storytelling are irresistible.

Kirkus, starred review 


This sweet, sun-drenched, lovely book is the perfect antidote to a long, gray winter.

Kate Tuttle, The Boston Globe


Beautifully crafted . . . A young woman living on a lush island in the Indian Ocean is torn between modern ways and her elders’ beliefs.

People Magazine


Whether she is describing verdant, lush Pi or bustling, crowded London, Ganesan brings two worlds, and [the protagonist’s] conflicted feelings about each of them, to vibrant life.

Kristine Huntley, Booklist

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