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A Writing Garden in February

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This workshop will take place indoors, subject to Covid restrictions. Please visit our website for our up-to-date attendance policies.

About this event

Please arrive at the Hall between 9:45-10am for class each morning. Bring a notebook and pen, or other writing device.

Should conditions on the ground change our Covid policy may be adjusted. If the workshop is postponed or cancelled, refunds will be offered to registrants.

Our building has been outfitted with a new UV air filtration system to provide additional comfort for all. We look forward to seeing you!

Writing & Spirituality Panel Feb 10 12:30 pm EST on Zoom


A Lunchtime discussion with Megan Chaskey, Mark Burrows, Murzban Schroff, & me at Canio’s Books on Zoom.

Also, you can watch a recording of the Canio’s Reading Murzban and I did in

November 2021 here!

And can I brag…?

though I had a good first guess..
Wordle 235 2/6