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Garden Plot 2022

B Street Garden Plot, 2022
B Street Garden Plot 2022

I took my last look at No 43 for this year after a wind storm knocked some things about. Remarkably, the kale, while thoroughly rocked by 65 mph winds, remained standing, as did the spent bushes of browned marigolds, seed pods still clinging. some calendula leaves remained green as well.

The garlic poked through with about a month of growth, but hopefully will spend the winter bulking up beneath the soil. I plan to let the kale flower, then cut them down, to make room for tomatoes and zucchini, and cucumbers. I can try early carrots and radish from seed. I might try eggplant again, and cantaloupe.

So, some dreaming, and seed catalogues await, maybe with some sketches.

Happy New Year, Reader. I have been a sparse correspondent this past year, but there is always the new one, to start again. Cheers!

Garden Plot, July 2022

Small Things of Happiness

Joe Pye Weed, September 2022

Dinner is a source of happiness, and maybe television is as well. I was watching tv, eating a bowl of Rana cheese tortellini ( I had browned some butter for the sauce, sizzled garlic and cumin in it before sprinkling on nutmeg and Parmesan— for instant noodles, it was quite tasty) when I realized with clarity my contentment. It wasn’t the dish in my hand, or the program on the screen ( the last bit of the final Gardener’s World for the season, in which apple- heavy trees and the last of the dahlias crowded the garden I had been watching since the Spring, and through the Summer draught) but the realization that when I went to bed, it would be on fresh sheets I had made my bed with, along with a winter comforter. The season tipped towards November, and though the day proved t-shirt balmy, I was readying for the eventual cold. Soon, we would turn the clocks behind, and the frost would be commonplace on the car windows. Soon, the march towards the shortest day would begin, until the light returned to early mornings. I was ready for the seasonal shift.