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Circling ceiling fans

I am in NJ, under a slow ceiling fan, having celebrated the 85th birthday of my brother’s father-in-law.  The two mother-in-laws are chatting about the overuse of cellphones; my niece is reading; and in another room my sister-in-law is teaching her father how to use free weights. I think my brother is with them. Traffic lulls by.  It is summer. It is sultry without the wind.  We are older than […]

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Thirteen Ways on Looking at A Returned Story. 

    1. Make kombucha for the first time.  It will become an obsession , which you need because of this return. 2. Buy rose petals from a spice shop,  just in case you need them one day. The return is now colored pink. 3. Add rose petals to the  kombucha, which returns your attention with fizz. 4. Get a pedicure with bright nail polish.  It is another gift to […]

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A Sunday Secret Garden Tour

Sunday, in the gardens, with mom. A slow meander through half of the featured gardens.  Defeated by the sun, we retired to the museum for cucumber sandwiches and lemonade.  Inside, the galleries were full of flower paintings and sketches, entrances.  

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There are many ways to jolt a a creative stasis.  Last week, I took a photography class taught by photographer and writer, Joanne Dugan .  In an imitimate class of six students, we took photographs for assignment and wrote corresponding text.  Such a simple preocess, yet the effects were startling.  My fellow students photographed and told stories about children, street signs, the erosion of the Herring Cove parking lot, inanimate oddities […]

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