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Gopal Mama

  On Tuesday, February 14, my dear Uncle Gopal passed away.  My uncle was was SVR, Srirangam Venkatachary Rajagopal, a corporate leader, the darling in my mother’s family, known to all as the very jolly, deeply generous man who got things done efficiently, thoroughly, and with panache.  He was my Gopalmama, who had known me all my life since birth, the one relative I saw more of than anyone in […]

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For Now: Isamu Noguguchi, Archaic/Modern

Isamu Noguchi is featured in seventy-four works on loan from the Noguchi Museum, at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in DC.  The exhibit, called Isamu Noguchi, Archaic/Modern spans sixty years in the artist’s life, and is spread over several rooms.  It is an expansive, generous antidote to the claustrophobic, philistine atmosphere of the present administration. Noguchi, as the exhibits notes, “was among the first American artists to think like a citizen of […]

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