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    I dug up the last of the dahlias, and tackled my  first attempt at dividing and storing. The results were not pretty.  A bucket full of rejected bulbs (thin, soft, shriveled) stood at my side while a paltry number of possibly productive tubers emerged for labeling.  I am thinking I don’t have a storage space to keep them at the recommended 45-50 degrees F.  I am thinking could […]

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Birthday Kale

  Three kinds of kale arrived at my doorstep, together with a bag of arugula, and two kinds of parsley.  A Birthday cornucopia from an unknown well-wisher!  I set to washing, and prepping, and with the flat leaf (Russian) kale made a saute with oyster mushrooms, cumin, turmeric, and  salt.  Later in the week, I will add wheat berries and other grains to create a pilaf, and spice it up […]

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All Day, Now Night

It has been raining.  Gusts up to 45 mph, or is it 65? At one point the rain turned to slush, frozen snow-like crystals, and a brief white drift formed to disappear. All day I have been working on the new novel, and all day yesterday. In truth, today I stopped a few times to correct papers and read A Room Lit By Roses for tomorrow’s class. What will they […]

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