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Month: October 2014


The other night, my brother received the Award of Hope for Leadership and Patient Care at the 19th Annual Award of Hope Ceremony at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. It was a wonderful night. My dad and an old friend discussed math problems, I caught up with family, and in a quiet corner, my niece worked on her biology homework. Anyone who knows me knows how proud I am of my brother.  He is a bit of a genius, who graduated, I continually point out graduated from Princeton, Yale,… Read more Doctors

The day turned pink

  The day turned pink as the autumn colors gleamed in approaching sunrise. A fat bee slept on the screen, waiting to breakfast, I imagine, on the late season pollen.  Marigolds and nasturtium still pop up, along with petunias.  I went to a circus on Sunday, and this is what I saw:     No safety nets.  Sheer drops that could end in disaster in a play premise that disaster has already happened.  Traces depicted seven performers who took enormous risk as the audience watched with either breaths held, afraid… Read more The day turned pink