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Peace During Flight-time

It begins with my car whose battery light keeps flashing even though the battery and alternator are fine. So take a plane to teach, because the only bus to Boston gets me there ten minutes after my first class begins. I  plan to take the bus back.  I arrive at the station, and get in line, with fifteen minutes before my bus departs.  I wait  for one slow transaction to […]

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March, Mud, Madness

Actually, there is no madness.  For the past week, the wetlands behind my yard have transformed into a pond, and two families, one of geese, one of ducks, have found their home there.  The horses graze in the narrow fields left to them, but it is the waterfowl that take precedence.  How regal the Canadian geese look, dipping their long necks to sip water, while the ducks spend time with […]

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