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Month: February 2013

Sweet News

Right now, the snow is whirling like a dust storm in a frenzy of wind.  Once again, Cape Cod has weather. Friday night, Stephen Russell of Wellfleet Market Place, which features an uncommonly fine collection of books on its shelves, hosted a reading and launch for As Sweet as Honey.  In an evening full of warmth, in a room filled with friends, and local writers and readers, after Stephen’s moving introduction, I read from the book, and chatted with writer Kathy Shorr on stage about Salman Rushdie’s genius articulation of… Read more Sweet News

Sunday After

All in all, it was just twenty-four hours without power or heat.  Frigid cold though.  How much I take for granted. The snow covered all the windows completely, except for a few small streaks to peer through. The wind rattled my home so fiercely I realized that the way my unit was shaped, I lived in a treehouse. At times I thought the roof would blow off. I wandered downstairs, but went back up, carrying my flashlight. I tried to read by candlelight ( appropriately, Ancient Light by John Banville),… Read more Sunday After