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The Weight and Thing of a Book

As I look over my blog posts, I realize I have posted about events, and cartons, and what’s coming up, but I have not really spoken of what it feels like to have a book published. It feels good. There were many, many revisions that were worked over. There are notes I’d write about possible ways the book could go. I want to tell you about the book. I want […]

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Sweet News

Right now, the snow is whirling like a dust storm in a frenzy of wind.  Once again, Cape Cod has weather. Friday night, Stephen Russell of Wellfleet Market Place, which features an uncommonly fine collection of books on its shelves, hosted a reading and launch for As Sweet as Honey.  In an evening full of warmth, in a room filled with friends, and local writers and readers, after Stephen’s moving […]

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All around the ice is melting

February has always in my mind contained a “false spring.”  I must have heard the phrase in Iowa, decades back, where a lull in the harshness of winter, where as newly arrived graduate students, we were told that temperatures could freeze eyelashes, created a sense of spring.  Somehow I imagine forsythia blooming, but I am really thinking of March or April in a mild global warming (it has been happening […]

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Sunday After

All in all, it was just twenty-four hours without power or heat.  Frigid cold though.  How much I take for granted. The snow covered all the windows completely, except for a few small streaks to peer through. The wind rattled my home so fiercely I realized that the way my unit was shaped, I lived in a treehouse. At times I thought the roof would blow off. I wandered downstairs, […]

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