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Summer of Dog-Ears or Distracted Mind

  It has been a summer of dog-earing, folding down corners of books and projects that will be finished later.  In my home, the rooms are scattered with magazine articles and stories I am coming back to, novels I’ve opened and marked, little dog-ears that promise later, soon, maybe in the winter.  I have a book of stories open at the table where I eat meals, and I’ve been on […]

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The Complete Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly: Something I found today on The Gardener’s Eden blog while investigating shade-loving plants. I envision a full/lush/crowded/healthy border of plants on the northwestern side of the shade garden, grounded by hostas, featuring a trellis for climbing autumn clematis. I have so much time for imagination. Lately the monarch butterflies have been flittering. Their grace in flight, their sudden stillness. This is what we […]

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You start to live

Sometimes you need to get in the car even though the temperature feels like it is a hundred degrees Fahrenheit with humidity because there is a garage band practicing somewhere in your complex and it is too hot to complain. You get in the car, roll four windows down and drive toward the beach, only you don’t turn towards the beach but keep going. There is no one in front […]

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