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Month: October 2011

Seaside Adjustment

Today the wind blows with such force that pools of water catch waves.  Imagine stink bugs and such surfing.  The Adirondack chairs blew off into the garden.  Up at four am, I heard the boom and saw the immediate darkness as the power went out this morning.  Such darkness and quiet.  All I wanted was coffee, but when I ventured into the kitchen with a flashlight, the stove wouldn’t turn on.  I cracked open a window, then shut it and went back to bed.  A few hours later, I realized… Read more Seaside Adjustment

in the near distance, horses

My first morning in my new home I woke to fog covering the trees in a soft blur. At the window I saw pastures stretching ahead. My new home backs into wetlands, a few yards wide, it seems. Beyond, a few acres of meadow where there are horses. There are five in all: one black, one brown, one white, and two pintos, one of which must have been born recently. They are all, in a word, beautiful. The black horse is a bit of a loner, but the brown horse… Read more in the near distance, horses