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thistle,not feverfew

Turns out what I’ve been diligently watering and waiting for flowers is actually a noxious weed.  Ah.  It turns out too that rampant sweet peas are renegade ornamentals, escapees from gardens, ornamentals on the loose. Flora have a vocabulary of war: takeover, seige, aliens, foreign invaders.  They invade, creep, grasp. Purple Loosestrife is a weed, as is scotch thistle.  Dandelion is not noxious but diligently pulled out, not by me, […]

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Patience in an impatient world.  I can wait a long time before making a left turn, much to the derision of the drivers behind me.  Well, lives are involved.  Now I wait as the manuscript is opened and read. I am resisting calling up & asking, have you received it yet? Meanwhile, in the garden, the lone iris continues to put forth bloom after bloom.  I’m told it’s a stellar […]

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Iris Bloom

June 1 & the iris has bloomed!  The first time in three summers.  I am overjoyed. It’s a pale white one with a yellow center. It could be English Cottage crossed with Copyright, or Angelic Wings. It might even be Brother Carl. Nordica is also a possibility. definitely not Beverly in White, who is a cotillion debutante with frills. I expected violet of course. Did it bloom overnight? What a […]

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