“I’m not leaving,” she said. “I have to stay. I’m going to write all this down and tell everyone what happened.”

Rana Ayyub, Journalist, 36.
“Blood and Soil in India” by Dexter Filkins, The New Yorker, Dec. 9, 2019


David sylvia. Bird thanks for the post as my magazine has been lying around unread . Just finished. Ayubb’s bravery is an example to us all to bear witness to injustice in our daily lives and fight against it. On womr’s show “the lowdown” I heard a fascinating interview with the historian, psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton who recently wrote a book titled “losing reality;on cults,cultism,and the mindset of political and religious zealotry”. I am about to begin it and I feel it will provide a interesting perspective on modi’s (and the trump’s) of the world.


I plan to sit down and read this article. not in pieces, as I usually do, but in 1 go. if I can stomach it.

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