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Lonliness and Solitary Art

  Moon Rising Lonliness can crop up most unexpectedly.  It will throw a dart at you unexpectedly. After days of being solitary, for instance, happily reading, researching, and writing, feeling fortunate for living on Cape Cod where Jose  produced wind and rain, a little loss of power, but not much more.  There were six days of grey weather, but this morning, though the sea was covered in fog,  the sun […]

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Not Teaching

I still my check my mailbox for a last minute call, but no, it looks like I will not be teaching this semester.  All the regular profs are back on campus, returned from sabbatical and guest posts, leaving me with a free fall. Pun intended.  Yet, not quite accurate.  I’ve got some writing to do, and a little travel, too.  Still, how strange not have felt the general anxiety over […]

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