Authors for Grenfell Tower: An Online Auction Raising money for the British Red Cross to go to residents affected by the Grenfell Tower fire

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For the Grenfall Fire: Author Auction

Source: A signed book by Indira Ganesan


In the morning at the ocean, several men were casting lines.  I wondered what they would  catch as the waves broke in ferocious froth, and the fog lowered.  A fish that would not snap their gear, unlike a shark or tuna. 

 It doesn’t feel like the eve of summer solstice, more like March.  The roses are late, and sweeet pea still timid.  Underneath, things are rooting, moving around, like the invisible fish these men seek. 

Bright Notes

Last week :

Because there needs to be something that stands against the weather which makes us fetch winter coats in June:

Matisse and his objects in the studio at the Boston MFA

paired with vine-surrounded gowned women of Boticelli

This week:

June sun and June rain in the garen: