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Summertime and the traffic

“Summer,” said a friend who co-runs a restaurant,” seems like it started four hours ago.”  That felt right for today is Thursday, and already the air is thicker.  The dahlias finally got planted, and staked,then removed, and replanted.  A funny story if you ask me in a few years. My favorite cartoon from the New Yorker is a man happily planting in a rooftop garden only to have his carrots […]

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Will the Warmth Enter and Stay?

    Only when it is time to plant the tomatoes.  This is the refrain I hear when I think about planting dahlia tubers; sow sunflower seeds; plant the zinnias.  The soil temperature has to remain in the fifties, if not ideally in the sixties.  As I write, an arctic air cuts through my open window ( because it is spring) and chills my short-sleeved (ditto) arms. I am working […]

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The Rain that is Raining Now

It sounds like icy rain.  A kind of sharp patter which hits the terrace in different places, making me think of hail.  The windows are blurred with it, one section of the sliding glass door thick with droplets, and the other one, on the right, is clearer.  That is because the one on the left has the screen behind it.  I do not want to move to see if it […]

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