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Just want

   To plant.  Two weeks is all I need to wait, then in go the nasturium seeds, the nigella, and sunflowers.  On my window sill are zinnia seedlings, with an eighty percent success rate in their tiny cowpat pots.  Outside will tell a different story.  There, the dhalia tubers will be supplemented by new iris, and a few glads.  Salvia will be transplanted, and I’ll try something new.  And possibly […]

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April’s Ocean, April’s Poem

April can never make up its mind.   Backed by the uncertainty of weather, I think of options, what elses, the looming future.  When can I plant outside?  Where will I be next year?  I comb job listings, fully aware the years of applying for a full-time steady-income job are beyond me.  I’m decades beyond thirty.  I have a full-time job. My full-time job is supplemented by part-time teaching to […]

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