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The mind wakes

It is about to storm.  The leaves are rustling like seeds in a gourd, like new silk saris.  Fog has partially covered the Monument, and the sky is wash of white.  One cat sleeps with a paw over her eyes, and another listens, alert, to the hammering of construction in the distance.  A car goes by, gathering speed.  Here is the thunder, low.  

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What it looks like now

So, here is what the Secret Hanging Gardens look like now.  To lemon balm*, iris, pansies, rose geranium, columbine, anemone,solomon’s seal, bee balm, wild violets, alyssum, million bells,  I’ve added a coleus, two types of Salvia, a bit of fern and sweet woodruff.  A protecting Crow Godess* watches. It is a garden of singles, of onesies, when wisdom says plant three of each, or five.  I hope in time, the […]

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