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    I wanted to include photographs from the first blooms in my garden.  My computer, the cloud, the gods are not permitting.  So I will describe my first discovery. Imagine a three-pointed miniature iris, a dark purple, touched with bright gold drops like eyes: Then the tiniest viola: Finally, a pair of Johnny jump-ups: The viola is also called Heart’s Ease, and no wonder.  In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, it plays a […]

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planted sweet peas

bought seeds   bought a long garden fork   dug the ground, made a furrow one inch deep, planted, and watered Stuck some long twigs in to net a string support… –Oh!  I was looking for an illustration of twine, and googled “string, garden”, but ommitted the comma.  This was what I found: string gardens! These creations are by horticulturist Fedor van der Valk.  From, I found a quotation […]

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These days

I am feeling lighter these days, not only because winter seems to be heading out.  The leave-taking is slow; rain and hail this afternoon.  But I am glad to report that I do not yet have to take leave of where I live, that I can stay a little longer.  In some ways I feel I am living off the grid, though obviously I am not, as I haul huge […]

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