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Some Thoughts on Guns and Violence

Yesterday, I shared a video on my Facebook page from a hand-held camera capturing the police killing a second young black man in St. Louis with nine shots. I shared it in the spirit of sharing truth, however ugly, to create change.  I watched the video several times, and each time the loud burst of gunfire from police officers filled me fear.  It is a horrible sound.  This morning, I […]

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A tangle of trees, a host of sunflowers


Indira Ganesan, Bright Yellow Flower, 2014

Indira Ganesan, Bright Yellow Flower, 2014

Today I was stuck in the subway for forty-five minutes, going from one line to the next.  Last week, though, I took a walk, and was very unstuck.


Thinking of Wordsworth, I came upon a host of sunflowers;

Indira Ganesan, Host of Golden Sunflowers, 2014

Indira Ganesan, Host of Golden Sunflowers, 2014

I did not neglect Virginia Woolf,



the salt,


the sand,

Indira Ganesan, Sand Bar, 2014

Indira Ganesan, Sand Bar, 2014the sea

the sea,






All this beauty where I live.


 R.I.P. Mr. BK.S. Iyengar

Today is Another in a Series of such Days

  A marmalade cat strolls out of the woods pleased as Punch makes his way up the path, and disappears into the woods again. He is fat, plump on more than just mice, his tail tipped with white. There is a hint of autumn in the wind on this day, perfect as a picture. Three weeks left before Labor Day. The paper has been read and discarded, and it so […]

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