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How do you celebrate a life passed? On May 19, Dr. Vincent Harding, noted historian, civil rights leader, educator, peace activist, passed away at age 83. July 25-26 was declared the Vincent Gordon Harding Memorial a Weekend in Colorado, marking what would have been Dr. Harding’s 84th birthday. I met Dr. Harding in 2003 I think when I traveled to Denver to meet my dear friend Rachel. Her mother, the […]

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Izzy Turns One, Ocean might be Two

So, my cats. As many of you know, I fostered a family of four kittens and their mom for a few months last fall. They lived at first in my separate studio while making sure they were not infected with ringworm( they weren’t) before moving into my home. And move in, they did. Scrambling onto the computer, checking out the windows, the sofas, claiming spots, developing personalities. One liked to […]

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Sunset, moon, and whales

 It was a perfect outing.  The Center for Coastal a studies held a sunset/moonrise whale watch the other night.  I attended with friends, met other friends on board,  and had friendly conversation throughout, interspersed with gasps of amazement as whales waved, rolled, and breached before our eyes. we could on this trip never see all of a whale, only parts.  First, a flipper, a back, then a blowhole, and a […]

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World Cup; Quidditch

Let me be honest: I am not a contact sports fan.  American football makes me think of brain injury, and hockey makes me think of ice blades slashing faces.  To be even more honest, I do not really think of contact sports.  Ann Coulter’s recent statements, baffling as always, about how the good sportsmanship displayed by soccer teams upends the spirit of competitive sports made me especially happy to watch […]

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