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Memorial Day Observation

I looked out my window, and was struck by the flags flying nearby. It was as if I were seeing them clearly for the first time. I take the nature of freedom to choose in this town too much for granted. Every once in a while, I remember where I am living, and how different it is from so much of America. When I see a shy same-gendered couple walk […]

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A garden must be planted

Regardless if one stays or goes, the garden must be planted, if only to provide beauty and pollination and fragrance a few brief months.  In went the herbs, the annuals, the seeds.  My neighbors and I will have salad with edible flowers, and maybe some one else will provide tomatoes. In the back, late autumn vines will open up with color.  The columbines are nodding, the violas brighten, and foxglove […]

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Inviting the muse in San Diego

When I travel, the muse accompanies me, but she flies first class, while I fly coach.  Meeting her then is a happy accident.  I am in San Diego, to see old friends and attend the 2014 Ashtanga Confluence. My muse can do ashtanga, all of the series.  I don’t want to be like my muse, but I would like her light to light my light.  What I seek is a […]

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