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Dahlia prep

  I went to the local Dahlia Society sale to pick up some tubers for planting. I have only previously planted potted dahlias, the most successful of which was a mystery brown dahlia I got in a hardware store in Boulder that I planted in a large urn.  I filled half the urn with paper, I think, and the rest with soil.  That summer, the small dahlias kept coming. Today […]

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Giant, Legend, Bard.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez died Thursday, April 17, at age 87, six days shy of Shakespeare’s birth/death day.  A giant. A legend. A bard.  All of this is true and more.  He is to many of us the person who made it possible to believe in the importance of the saga, the stories of our ancestors, the day-to-day occurrences of the village, when an expedition can be undertaken to transport ice […]

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Yellow gibbous waxing moon and more

  The moon rose waxy yellow in the sky. I wiped down the car windows, got in , turned on the defoggers, the lights, the music, and the windshield wipers for good measure. Good thing for a coyote soon crossed the road on the opposite lane, then ran up the yellow dividing line on the highway, before crossing my lane. I braked,waiting for it to lope back to the woods. […]

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