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Inspiration, Dedication, Creation

Gelsey Kirkland & Mikhail Baryshnikov Dance Balanchine I had a few free hours in Boston yesterday, and so I headed to the library.  I happened upon an analysis of Leonard Woolf’s “Life in the Jungle” set in Sri Lanka in the first Modern Fiction Studies I picked up (some things are just given to you as gifts from a mystery) and Robert Gottlieb’s giant book,  Reading Dance.  I found Fred Astaire and […]

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My Mother ‘s Wings

In an article on Jill Lepore in the Winter 2014 issue of Radcliffe Magazine, there is mention of the compelling essay in The New Yorker on writing about Ben Franklin’s sister. Lepore speaks of her mother building a doll’s house for her out of cardboard shoe boxes, papering each wall, affixing tiny stringed lights. Right then, I remembered my mother’s wings. My mother made a lot of things for me […]

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Ocean and Ziggie

  Two cats.  Five names. But now the main names are Ocean and her daughter Ziggie.  Ocean because her eyes are deep and her coat is black and velvety, and there is a wave of white near her belly.  Ziggie because she bears the zig-zag outline of a mountain range on her side, and she zips around like an investigator, ever curious and fast. When mother and daughter leap, they […]

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Sundays at the Airport

It is Super Bowl Sunday in Newark Airport, when the game is being played at the Meadowlands. The bar patrons are cheering and groaning as the game gets going. Flights have been cancelled mysteriously, and I suspect there must be a savvy lounge where the higher ups in the company are stretched out and watching the game instead of flying. Why not? Bridges can receive planned traffic jams, so why […]

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