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WordPress’ Daily Post suggested its bloggers post about the number twenty-six in some way, since it is the first twenty-sixth of the year. Meanwhile, I changed my theme again, to the one I had my eye on a while back.  So my post on twenty-six is not on the number of apartments I’ve lived in (nineteen); the number of pounds I would like to shed (though twenty-six would not be a […]

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India: Some Sites Seen

  When I first returned from my seven-day India trip, my head was full of the voices of my relatives.  I could hear my cousins, my aunties, creating a joyful dialogue that kept me company when I crossed my apartment’s threshold.  I had been up since Sunday morning, India time; I returned early Tuesday morning, India time.  A good sixty hours without sleep, aside from a few naps.  Loneliness arrived […]

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A Look Back

As my third assignment in the zero to hero blog course, I look at what made me create a blog in the first place. I had just returned from my first trip back to Chennai, India from the USA after an absence of several decades. I decided to join Facebook and get a blog. It was a way of re-declaring my profession, of making the private public, and a step towards […]

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A look ahead, an adjustment, and a reintroduction

I just joined a thirty-day blogging course offered by WordPress, with the idea to learn something new about blogging.  I started back in January, 2010, not knowing much.  I thought I would post non-personal observations about, say, food, gardening, and books.  the first posts were erratic, but I have since settled into a twice-monthly format.  The blog has become more personal, to the extent a friend once asked me about an […]

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