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The I in the Photo

This is the view across the street from Buvette, a cafe on Grove Street in the Village. It is a romantic view, especially that winter afternoon earlier this month as I drank a perfect cappuccino and waited for a friend. There is something about a cafe in a city when I am travelling that cleans my slate. It is as if I can step away from my placid life and be […]

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Near Year’s End: An Accounting

A quick, unstylish, and somewhat ungrammatical run-down of my past year: 2013 began with dancing in a roomful of relatives on New Year’s Eve to gangnam style. A new job at Emerson brought me four classes and fifty-five students, a three hour commute, and more fun than I could have predicted. I began to visit the local animal shelter and became a “pet socializer” which meant I played with kittens […]

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Roses, Today

A friend said he never met a muffin he didn’t like, and I tend to agree.  Today, I wanted to use up condensed milk, so I googled and found this recipe.  As I mixed, I decided to substitute cocoa powder for shredded chocolate.  Not a great move.  Even worse was that As I scooped the batter into the tins, wondering why it seemed so thick, I realized I forgot to […]

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