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Thanksgiving with Kofta

  A man is mowing his lawn with a power mower and noise-eliminating headphones outside. It is the day after Thanksgiving, and my sister-in-law has arrayed a counter of leftovers for lunch. She and my brother and her cousin have been cooking and baking for two days, making pie-crust, filling them with a range of nuts and fruits, stirring dals, and making parathas from sweet potatoes. Kofta was our turkey, […]

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Not Knowing

I saw the deer first. A buck, whose head appeared through my car window on the passenger side. I was commuting to work, pre-dawn as usual to make a 5:55 AM bus. The drive takes me an hour, and it is relatively easy, listening to music from my iPod, and flicking back and forth between high and low beams if there are other cars present. Often few cars are present […]

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Marshmallow soup

A pillow of marshmallow possibly spiced with nutmeg, streaked with what might have been cinnamon, sat in the middle of a white shallow bowl, and a waiter poured a purée of butternut squash to surround it. This was soup at the Oak on Thirteen, and my salad of choice was its fabled kale and apple. I asked for the candied almonds on the side, which I nevertheless happily nibbled on […]

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Since Moosewood

On a marvelous gardening blog, I recently won a cookbook by lottery and answering a question on how my cooking has changed since I first used Mollie Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook.  I wrote I shopped for organic produce, which is true, but I also shop at Farmers’ Markets.  In my town, the Farmers’ Market is under fire because they occupy a parking lot adjacent to a candy shop for five hours […]

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Maybe it was Lou

Years back, I lived in a resort town by the sea, much like I do now. Whereas the town I live in now likes to sport a scruffiness and nonchalance due to its remoteness, and lonely, aching beauty in the off-season, the other town was toney, a bit more buttoned up. Instead of taffy and sex toy shops, it’s Main Street boasted a small Saks Fifth Avenue, an artisanal cheese […]

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