Frog means luck


Photo: wikipedia: northern green frog-Tweksbury, NJ

There is a fat green frog living in the garden, near the hostas. He kept utterly still as I called a neighbor to see. This corner of the garden must be charmed, for it was here I went eye to eye with a hummingbird. Has he been feasting on mosquitoes? I hope so. He looks so luxurious, so fat.


I forgot to say… CT says on Chinese New Year you are supposed t hide a Frog .


Beautiful Froggy Bountiful!

I caught a glimpse of a tiny shy frog in the part of the garden where i have not yet weeded. She/he gave me the excuse to stop weeding for the summer.

I wonder wht sort of frogs you and I have?


    I think they are simply “green frogs”– i don’t think they are bull frogs or are they tiny tree frogs. It was like an illusion. Today, the hummingbird supped happily from the fuschia.


He really looked like that, though this picture is off Wikipedia. I wish I’d had
my camera!


He is beautiful!


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