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Insomnia 1

The night time frogs are keeping me up. They gurgle and burp like little monsters from the woods behind my home. When they stop to catch a breath, the buzzing insects start, not cricket, not locust, but something. The frogs sound thirsty and they sound close. This morning I bathed the yard with sweet-smelling eco-safe and sound skeeter spray. It doesn’t harm anything but the ticks and mosquitoes– I checked– […]

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Sneak Peek: Paperbacks in November

I’m delighted to announce that Vintage will be publishing both As Sweet As Honey and Inheritance as paperbacks, on November 5, 2013.  The date is coincidental but serendipitous, as it happens to be my birthday.  It is been tremendously fun and fulfilling to have a new novel out after so many years.  I’ll celebrate the sixth-month anniversary of As Sweet As Honey in mid-August.  My agency with Sandra, Elise, and […]

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I was gifted with two enormous zucchini from a local gardener. When I heard I was getting two, I thought, how nice, how restrained, just a sample.  I went to pick them up, and I think they must be three pounds each, maybe four. A few days ago, I made, with now what I must now call petite zucchini, linguine from Heidi Swanson’s book, Supernatural Everyday, a cookbook I received after reading at […]

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A friend of mine keeps bees and invited me along to help her introduce a new queen to the hive. I held a small box which contained the new queen and her attendants as they munched away on sugar. A cork that my friend dislodged would create a way for the queen to eat her way out of the box to the new hive, but slowly, so the bees all […]

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