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Near the ocean, lucky you, wrote my friend from England.  So I hopped in the car and drove down to see it, under this grey-white sky.  A family had set up camp near their car, because the tide was high.  Only a small strip of beach was exposed, and the horizon held a few cruise ships heading to see whales or to Boston. All was possible.  Lucky me, indeed.  I […]

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Seventeen Year Cycles

  So much as been written about cicadas and their seventeen year period cycles.  My sister-in-law pointed me to one informative map from the New York Times.  No doubt, the cicadas have got a lot of people thinking.   This summer, I was to read Proust, but I am leaving it for the fall, when my time is more ordered than now. ( I am very happy to note my […]

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Food and Books, in Lambertville

On Thursday, I gave a reading at a lively event. It was at Anton’s at the Swan Hotel, housed in a building from 1870 furnished with curiosities and memorabilia, in New Jersey, where a once month, a dinner is given at once price, with one menu, to an enthusiastic crowd. The events are put together by the very graciously hostess, Miss Maxwell, and this one was suggested to her by […]

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