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Inclusiveness, Yoga, & Color, Part I [revised]

I have spent six days away at two different events. The first was a three-day yoga workshop taught by my teacher, Richard Freeman, and the second was a seminar on inclusive pedagogical practices for college courses. Both required a certain courage to attend, more required stamina, and attentiveness. Both were exhausting and marvelous and revealing. To go straight from three days of thoughtful spiritually guided yoga to three days of […]

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The Summer Before Me

As a pun, the summer can be counted before me, because a season is always bigger than an individual, perhaps. This summer of 2013 is before me.  It is spring only, of course, and spring and its wind makes my eyes itch, even if I want to be outside, which I do. I loved summer as a child because it was expansive space that had an ending: come September, back […]

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When is tea time?

    My first Monday of the summer.  Summer means when school is out, and for me, it is today. Grades are in, and I have probably treated everyone unfairly and unjustly. The world will continue.   It’s 48 F now, and the sun is in full bloom, as are the trees, tulips, daffodils, calibrachoa, foam flowers,and sweet  alyssum.  At least, in the garden centers. My garden is full of […]

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Texas, Cambridge, & Home

Returning from a near week of travel, I was happy to see the welcome committee of brave tulips at home;a scraggly bunch to be sure, but a welcome sight. College Station, Texas has wildflowers in bloom, though I missed the best of the blue bonnets, I was told.  It was a surprise, for I did not know what to expect in my first trip to Texas.  I overheard a man […]

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