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Tremendous Rain

Tremendous rain today here on the outermost part of the Cape, and a clearing, a washing, a cleansing of the past week.  I have so many questions, wondering what caused two young men to catapult with such pressure to both inflict and receive pain on themselves.  Of course we are responsible; if we are not responsible, if we do not accept responsibility, then we fail as a humanist society.  There […]

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Then, Arugula

I rode the bus to Denver and passed the stadium where Rockies fans were roaring, long after the cows and calves and mountains on route. My friend Cynthia met me and showed me around her town before my reading at Tattered Cover. We visited the site of the Before I Die I Want To______project by Candy Chang, in which we wrote out in chalk, alongside dozens of others, our wishes. […]

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Marmelade Skies

Boulder is in a bubble, they say. An air-filtered, non-smoking (hurrah!) mostly, vegetarian-conscious, compost-enlightened, spiritually aware and awfully expensive place to live. It has demanding yoga, serious runners, and a farmer’s market that is a good size. I go on and on about this place because I adore it, even if I have had both low and good points there. It is where I am deeply connected because of people […]

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Beginning with Marmelade

I have been wondering in the past thirty-eight hours how to begin to unpack my impressions of my first visit back after two years. Finally, I made some toast and jam, and a cup of rose tulsi tea, and now I’ll begin. Home is one of those words that I use to return to “that which I know where I rest.” For a few days, home has been my friend’s home […]

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I’m excited to head back to Colorado for two readings. It is a lovely chance to see old friends and take the book back to where it was mostly written. Maybe it was the extra oxygen, or all that sun, but I lived fully my seven years there, in a gamut of emotions. What I discovered was a treasure trove of friendships, love freely given and given some more. Only […]

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