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Month: November 2012

a pause for snowflakes

The first snow fell yesterday.  Lasted a minute.  Later or before, pouring rain.  I’m nursing toothache, earache, headache.  I’ve been to the doctor, the dentist, and Cub Med, I mean, WebMD.  The dentist says it is a jaw shift, caused by clenching the jaw in sleep.  Who knew?  All I’ve known is every morning for a year, I’ve woken up with a stuffed nose.  I blamed it on allergy, on sea level after altitude.  I’m good with heights, but get queasy on boats.  Except ferries.  Ferries I love.  Notice, this… Read more a pause for snowflakes

Honey Jar

I broke a jar of honey yesterday. One pound of pure raw honey remained crystalized at the bottom of a Madhava jar I’ve had for over a year now, brought with me when I moved from Colorado. For days now I tried to heat the bottle gently by dunking it in hot water, but yesterday, with some internet research, I decided to try heating it in a pan of water. According to Ayurveda, and possibly the Puranas, if not the Shatras, and most venerable of all, the women who cook,… Read more Honey Jar

The Past Eight Days

A Chronological List: 1. Received a lovely job offer from Emerson College for the spring. 2. Ashtanga, after five months. 3. Turned 52. 4.. President Barack Hussein Obama re-elected! 5. Nor’easter hits the Cape. 6. Day two of relentless rain and howling wind. 7. My parents’ power returned. 8. My niece’s school reopened. 9. Power in other homes and other schools still remain shut down. 10. Completed a short story, “Counterpoint.”