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The Colors

I woke twelve hours earlier to dark blue-moonlight clouds forming on the horizon.  As the sky lightened, mist rose to make me think of an imaginary Kashmir, from a long-ago fairy-tale, some mountain country covered in soft gauzy views.  Storm clouds rolled in soon after, together with light rain. All day today I have been stealing glimpses and long looks at the sky.  It is October 20, the sixth day of […]

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In my imagination, I practice at dawn

In my imagination, I am the ahtangi who practices at dawn, no matter what, for a full two hours, after coffee, after bathing, and feels refreshed for the rest of the day.  In my imagination, I am the writer who after yoga, hits the shower, changes in comfortable, well-fitting clothes, eats breakfast, and sits at the laptop for a good four-hour stretch of work.  I am not a perfectionist in […]

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Autumn, Thoughts of Home & House

It is a year since I moved to the Cape from Colorado.  As I took a walk this morning, I thought about the year ahead, and the year after that.  I am in the process of applying for grants and jobs.  I am on the threshold of a new book, and if I can afford it, I could stay here for two more years.  That is the guideline of the […]

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The starlings are puffed up and resting in the trees.  It is a bleak sky day, but the fall colors  are brilliant, touched with rain.  Amazingly, the pot of tree fuchsia on the balcony is still in bloom.  If I go out to take a picture, I will scare the birds away, so here is an interior shot. I have been working as if it is October.  Fall days, full […]

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