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More driving

I am discovering that when I am frazzled for any number of reasons that smush together with no one thing outstanding, that driving sedately helps. No one on the road but you. In the rearview, the road ribbons back in an upward slope, suggesting space, silence, and just what one needs to get quiet enough to think. It is labor day weekend and today is a full moon. Things are […]

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Late August, Nearly September

Tomorrow my nephew turns two. His mother is my cousin, and she has declared unequivocally that I am his “Perriamma”, that is the aunt who elder on the maternal side. How easier to say “nephew” instead of “cousin’s son” Newly arrived in the states, it was easier to say Indian friends were cousins to Americans who assumed we were sisters. As children, we were an assorted lot of different ages, […]

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August brownies

Agust Brownies

The fourteenth of August.  Tomorrow is India’s Independence Day. It is  also Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Happy birthday to both. My library books are due tomorrow, though I already renewed them once.  I took out five, will return two, and renew again.  I thought I had yoga, drove to the rec center, didn’t see any cars, so drove to the yacht club, and none there, either.  Tuesday!  No class on Tuesdays! […]

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