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needing chocolate

chocolate stack by jules

Can one’s body need chocolate?  Like the way one can thirst for water, or instinctively know it’s time for some greens.  The body, being smart, can figure out what it needs, and while one may hanker for cookies, it’s not the body that wants the muffin.  It’s the eyes, the mind, maybe the tongue.  But there I was, breaking off pieces of 72% cocoa dark chocolate, and my body demanded […]

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It is a windy sounds like the ocean surf but it’s the wind day. Disney and not A.A.Milne called this kind of day “blustery.” It’s a good word, perfect because if you were a bear in the Hundred Acre Wood,you might make a weary blustery kind of sound to express your view of such a day. Milne called it a word you have to look up in the books because […]

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