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Apple fragrance, February


A while ago, I bought an apple.  It has been on my counter for a week now, and just now, I caught a whiff of apple flower and summer,the scent that is unmistakable as tomato stem, that alluring, that nostalgic.  These days, I troll the internet, surf, window shop, an activity that brings no lasting pleasure expect a glimpse of possibility, a mulling, a chance to think, can this chair […]

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There’s a term I’ve learned out here on the Cape called “hiding.”  I first heard it used when a young barista said, “Where have you been?  Have you been hiding?”  True, I had not been a frequent visitor lately, making coffee at home, using the internet at home, breakfasting at home.  Four months later, I find myself using the term, as an apology for not being around, for not being […]

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