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The View

Horse eating grass

From where I sit, I can see horses.  What a privilege to write such a sentence.  Yes, I must first look past the fire escape-styled terrace (nicer than the fire escape in the apartment I lived in as a child, but for all purposes a fire escape), then the bare wintering trees, and yes, I can see all the neighboring condos and huge houses, but there is a red stable, […]

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Days of chai and dreaming gardens

close up of teapot by david miller

Up until mid-week, it was all coffee and paper, comparison and contrast, puzzling over a sentence.  Then off went the electronic draft, followed by a solid hefty manuscript in the mail.  I made this delectable pancake for a breakfast celebration, substituting some main ingredients with what I had on hand, but it was nevertheless a royal treat.  I had gone to Mysore practice before as well–funny how things always taste […]

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